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5.1 Contact Information

For getting help, please see Help first.

However, do not hesitate to email me your opinion about this program, or any bugs or typos you may find, or suggestions about what to put into the next version of the program. If you have trouble getting it to run please tell me the version number of your TTD (as shown in the "About" box) and of TTDPatch. The output of TTDPatch would also be helpful, as well as your ttdpatch.cfg and newgrf(w).cfg files plus any crash*.txt crash logs you may have.

To email me, please go to the TTDPatch email page. There, you will always find my latest email address.

Note that if you send me email, it can take a couple of days to a week or two before I have the time to reply. I always read all email I get, and usually answer all email, but it takes time.