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4.3.1 New Graphics Installation

Here's the executive summary:

  1. Download the graphics
  2. If you don't have it yet, create a new folder called newgrf in the TTD directory
  3. If the files are in .zip format, unzip them. Make sure the .grf files go into the newgrf folder
  4. Add the new .grf files to either newgrf.cfg (DOS) or newgrfw.cfg (Windows) in the TTD folder. Create that file if it doesn't exist.
  5. Start a new game in TTD, or see the instructions below on how to import new graphics into existing savegames

Here is an example of a newgrfw.cfg file, in this case for the Windows version of TTD. For the DOS version, simply remove the "W" or "w" at the end of each name.


You can temporarily disable a graphics file by putting a hash mark, "#" in front of it in the configuration file. Also, some graphics files allow you to modify some of their options by putting numbers behind the graphics file. For more information, refer to the readme file that should have come with the specific graphics file.

For example, the DB set normally replaces all railway crossings with versions that have gates instead of lights. If you don't want that, you can use the line

newgrf/dbsetw.grf 2

For other possibilities, refer to the readme files of each graphics file.