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3.50 New Starting Year

startyear, -XY

This switch allows you to choose the starting year of new games. It does not apply to existing savegames and scenarios, which have the year set.

The range of possible values is 1921 (the first year TTD will work correctly) and 2030, with the default if turned on being 1930.

The switch also increases the range of years that can be selected in the scenario editor. Previously, you could only set it between 1950 and 1975, now all the years from 1921 to 2030 are available. Once set in a scenario, this starting year applies even if the game is played without startyear turned on.

Note that years before 1930 have very few vehicles available, so your options for new transport services are very limited. If you choose years before 1930, the patch also turns on generalfixes, to ensure that the game will not lock up when you start it (see General Fixes for more information).

This patch was contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk.