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3.33 Windows 2000/XP compatibility

win2k, -2

This switch applies some patches that make the Windows version of TTD compatible with Windows 2000/XP. It was contributed by Norman Rasmussen.

With this switch turned on, you simply run TTDPatch under Windows 2000 or XP, and it should work. You may have to delete the ttdpatchw.ovl file if you tried to run an earlier version of TTDPatch.

To play on Windows 2003, you need to turn on this switch, and copy the file dplay.dll to dplayx.dll, or get a copy of dplayx.dll. Search for this file on your computer if you don't know where it is.

Additionally, this switch enables the use of dxmci.dll, a DLL that changes TTD's music routines to use DirectMusic, instead of the outdated MCI functions. To use it, simply install dxmci.dll (available from the TTDPatch tools page) in your TTD folder, and turn on the win2k switch. Now TTD will use DirectMusic to play its music. This may make the music sound slightly differently than what you are used to, because DirectMusic will use its own instrument definitions for the MIDI music.

Note that some computers running Windows 98 experience a crash when exiting TTD, if dxmci.dll is used. The cause of this crash is not clear, nor does anyone know how to fix it. It is benign however, aside from writing a crash log (crash###.txt) every time you quit TTD.