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3.19 Extra Dynamite

extradynamite, -D

This switch makes your dynamite more powerful. With it, you can remove more things from the map:

The "forbidden" roads are the ones that connect to more than one other piece of road, i.e. the middle piece in a longer street or intersections. You can also remove city bridges as well as bridges and tunnels owned by nobody else.

You can remove the forbidden roads if your rating is at least "mediocre", otherwise the city will refuse to let you bring dynamite anywhere near the roads.

Of course, going against the local authorities' wishes does not exactly endear you to them. In fact, your rating will go down by an amount equivalent to the removal of a few trees if you destroy a road that is not an end piece, and by even more if you destroy a city bridge. So you should only do this if you must, and try to remove as few forbidden roads as possible by carefully planning ahead what you want to tear down.