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3.8 Larger Station Spread

spread, -e

Use this to get rid of that pesky "Station too spread out" message. Usually the maximum distance between any part of a station is 11 squares, which can be too small if you try to combine a large airport with a large train station (especially an extended one). A more useful number is 20 for example, and the upper limit is 255, which is the size of the world, to make it work just like in the original TT.

This also makes it possible to have several detached station facilities, by "walking" them away from the main terminal. For example, you could build a train station, and attach a bus station. Then, you attach a truck loading bay to the bus station, away from the train station. When you now remove the bus station, your station will be in two separate pieces. The next step is to place the bus station on the opposite side of the truck loading bay, and repeat this process for as long as you like. Then, you can build an airport that belongs to the same station as the train terminal, but is in fact many squares away from it.