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3.3 New Non-stop Handling

nonstop, -n

In order to get around the problem of trains not finding their correct routes in an elaborate network, it is useful to give them various "way points" or "checkpoints" along the route. These way points are dummy 1x1 or 2x1 stations that are then put on the train's schedule. That way you can force a train to take a certain path, when it would normally take a different, probably longer route.

The disadvantage is that normally these checkpoints have to be as long as the train to be efficient, and the train stops at them, which introduces an unnecessary delay.

By using this switch, you can now include these checkpoints in the route, and set them to non-stop. That way, the train will travel to them, but never stop or even just slow down, and will instead continue at its full speed. This even works if the checkpoint is only a single square large.

All stations without "non-stop" will behave as if they had the original "non-stop" set, i.e. the train will stop only at stations on its command list and none it encounters along the way.

This will apply for all trains, so do not use this if you have many routes which make use of the "non-stop" flag, because you will have to remove that flag from all those trains, or if you want your trains to stop at intermediate stations as well and don't want to change all the commands.

Note that there are two sign cheats, Cht: AllNonStop and Cht: NoNonStop which can be used to modify the schedules of all your trains if you decide to start (or stop) using this switch.

With this switch, the regular TTD title screen will break, because the monorail train does not stop at two dummy stations on either side of the road. As a result, the road vehicles won't stop in time and there will be collisions. To fix this, you can download an improved title screen from the Tools page of the TTDPatch website.