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3.24 Road Vehicle Queueing

rvqueueing, -R

Have you ever wondering why these stupid truck drivers just turn around when they arrive at a busy station? Why don't they just wait till it's their turn?

In order to fix this behaviour, simply enable this switch. Now trucks (and buses) will wait at the entrance of the station, and enter the station as soon as a loading bay is available. This has two advantages. First, it means that the trucks don't go and run around in loops. Second, it makes a station much more orderly, and actually reduces the amount of traffic jams that occur at a station's entrance. This will also help you gauge how many trucks you need on a certain route. If too many trucks are waiting at a station, that means that you should remove some from this route.

One problem with this is that vehicles may still "stack up" if they wait too long, making several vehicles occupy a single piece of the road. This might cause a traffic jam, and will also mess up the order in which they arrive at the station. To avoid this, make sure that you don't send too many vehicles to a loading loading bay or bus station.

This patch was contributed by Marcin Grzegorczyk.