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3.1 Train Refitting

trainrefit, -f

Since a few of the train engines come with a passenger or mail compartment, they were not very useful for other types of cargo because the "Full Load" switch could not be used. This has changed now with the fullloadany switch, but even so, train refitting may still make sense.

By enabling Train Refitting, you can now refit those engines just like planes to carry whatever cargo you choose. Only mail and oil are not an option yet, just like with the planes. (This might change in the future).

If enabled, it replaces the "Reverse Train" button with a "Refit Train" button whenever the train window is opened while the train is in a depot, but only for those engines that really have a cargo capacity. For all others, there is no change. In order to reverse the direction of a train instead of refitting it, just open the window while the train is not in a depot, where the direction cannot be reversed anyway. The status of this button does not change until the window is closed and opened again, even if the train leaves the depot.

Refitting is permanent, and stays even after the option is disabled, until the engine is sold or refitted again.