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TTDPatch 2.0 rev 1 Released

To fix the few known bugs that were in version 2.0, I've made a bugfix release, 2.0 rev 1. It has all features from 2.0, minus the bugs. Everything that was new in 2.0 is still there: you'll have new graphics for trains and ships, electrified railways, more construction options (build track, depots and other things on slopes!), realistic train acceleration and much much more.

Note that 2.0 rev 1 doesn't contain any of the new features from the development (alpha) versions, those won't be available in a stable version until 2.1 is done (which it won't be for many months still).

For more info on what's new in this release, read the What's New page.

Here's the latest patch:

TTDPatch Version 2.0 rev1 DOS
321 KB

305 KB

Apr 19 2007
12:23:45 GMT
The latest stable TTDPatch version
All new graphicsDOS
880 KB

886 KB

Feb 15 2004
15:57:52 GMT
All of the new graphics in one download
(The sets which require a TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha version are not included.)

Which version do I need?

If you already downloaded all graphics, please help conserve my bandwidth and only download the individual updated graphics files from the New Graphics page. For information on how to use the new graphics, please read the FAQ, or the manual page.

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What is it?
TTDPatch is a gameplay-enhancing update to Transport Tycoon Deluxe (TTD).
It offers:
  • New vehicles, new graphics
  • More vehicles
  • Larger stations
  • New signals
  • More construction options
  • In-game cheats
  • and many other improvements and all of them optional, so you only get what you want!
Check out the features page, and if that's not enough, read the manual!
News in brief
February 26, 2006:
TTDPatch 2.5 beta testing started
October 11, 2004:
Updated look of the TTDPatch site
February 11, 2004:
DB Set XL now available on the new graphics page, requires latest alpha version
January 19, 2004:
Long Vehicles graphics updated
January 16, 2004:
Documentation, manual and FAQ are being migrated to a wiki system
October 24, 2003:
TTDPatch 2.0 rev 1 available