TTDPatch - The Transport Tycoon Deluxe Patch

TTDPatch Features

Here's a selection of what TTDPatch 2.0 has to offer. For the full feature list, I'm afraid that you'll have to read the manual!

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[up] New vehicles, new graphics, new sets

TTDPatch now supports new vehicles of all types, with new graphics and new stats, and the patch comes with a variety of vehicle sets that redefine the Transport Tycoon experience.

New graphics sets

You can play with new ships, new trains, new road vehicles, new everything! With a bit of graphical skills and some hex-editing you can even make your own new vehicles!


[up] Electrified Railways

With this feature, the monorail track system is replaced by an electrified railway system with an overhead catenary system.

Electrified railways Diesel engines can run on regular or electrified tracks, but electric engines can only run on electrified tracks. (The monorail system joins the maglev system to form a single monorail+maglev track system.)


[up] Realistic Acceleration

You can choose to have TTDPatch calculate a more realistic acceleration for trains (and road vehicles), taking into tractive effort, friction, air drag, and others for a more realistic motion of trains and road vehicles.


[up] Build on Slopes

Build on slopes

Have you noticed how houses can build on the side of mountains and on slopes, and did you ask yourself why you can't build tracks like that too? Well, now you can!

You'll be able to build tracks, roads, depots, even stations on uneven ground, with foundations under the tracks to keep them level.


[up] More vehicles

Did you ever buy so many vehicles that you couldn't buy more? Normally, TTD has a limit of 690 individual vehicles, in up to 80 trains, 80 road vehicles, 50 ships and 40 planes.

Many, many vehicles

With TTDPatch, these limits are now much higher: up to 240 of each type, and up to 40,000 vehicles including wagons! That should be enough for any tycoon... .


[up] New Refitting Options

Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that some of the train engines come with a capacity for passengers or mail? That you can't use the "Full Load" switch when they are serving a coal mine?

Refit a train engine!

Now you can refit train engines, to carry what you want! (Except mail or oil unfortunately). If you're wondering what happened to the "Reverse Train" button, it is still available if you open the train window while the train is not in a depot. Some of the new road vehicles and ships also have special refitting options with only a limited selection of cargos available for refitting.


[up] Town Growth Modifications

Huge cities!

Now you can decide what makes towns grow. Set how fast towns grow when you transport passengers, mail and goods. Decide what your towns need! Then make them grow, grow, grow....


[up] Bigger stations

Both get rid of the "Station too spread out" message, and have up to 7 platforms in a single train station, by adding additional platforms once it's built. Also notice the use of the "checkpoint" station at the lower left corner, through which all goods trains have been scheduled to go. That way it can't happen that all platforms are blocked by goods trains, and no other trains can enter the station to actually unload cargo that would allow goods to be produced!

Huge stations!

Railroad, Monorail and Maglev in one station! And if you add a platform of a different train type, you can now have mixed stations with railroad, monorail and maglev all in one station.

Multi-level stations
Plus, with the "buildonslopes" feature you can even make multi-level stations!


[up] Pre-signals

Pre-signals keep trains out of busy stations Make very efficient stations with the use of pre-signals that only allow your train to enter the station when there is a platform available. No more overflow tracks, just build your station and it works, both for through stations and terminal stations.  Check out this savegame (23 KB) to see how they work. (Make a copy of your trt56.sv1 file, if you have it, before unzipping this savegame). You need to have this patch running, or there will be some major traffic jams...
Here's how it works: The two trains will wait until one of the station's platforms becomes available, and not clog up the entrance while they're waiting.


[up] Track Conversion

Steam engines on monorail tracks! Are you annoyed by having to manually change all your tracks once Monorails and MagLevs become available?
No problem anymore, just plant a sign named "Cht: Tracks 1", and all your tracks along with the trains will be converted to monorail. This way you can even have steam engines running on monorail or maglev tracks, like in this picture.


[up] More Currencies

More currencies You get a choice from more currencies, and in 2002, the Euro is introduced, replacing the national currencies. Plus, if your favourite currency isn't on the list, all of the new currencies are fully customisable, and you can change one of them into any currency you want!


[up] Multi-headed Trains

Trains with as many engines as you want! Now you can buy additional engines for a train, for increased power and speed. This is especially useful in the early game with only very weak engines, but also in mountainous terrain like the arctic and tropical climates, in particular with the realistic acceleration model, where more power really makes a difference.


[up] Road Vehicle Queueing

Road vehicles form a line Instead of the previous stupidity of turning around when they encounter an occupied bus station or loading bay, road vehicles will now simply form a line, and wait for their turn. No more endless cycling until a slot becomes available...


[up] Play forever

Are you upset that time stops running in 2070? How about seeing this in the status bar: Play forver

Now you can play forever, the game won't stop. It will keep running forever, and everything will still work. Note that there won't be any new vehicles after 2050 though.

[up] Cheats

Sign cheats to change money, year, all the tracks and more! Want to have the MagLev technology right from the start? Just name the sign "Cht: Year 2030" and there you go. Then maybe change the year back to 1950 and you have a hundred years to play with those Leviathans...
You can also use the money cheat, and other cheats that can be a big help!


[up] Faster Hill Speed

Annoyed by the trains slowing down so much at hills and in curves?
Just turn the new mountain and curve handling on and watch that Chimera zoom along your tracks with nothing slowing it down.


[up] Waypoints

Use waypoints to guide your trains along elaborate networks Do your trains need an explicit route to find the stations? Are you using a lot of waypoints to guide your trains to the right place?
Now they just have to be a single square large, and you can set them to non-stop so that the trains won't even stop at them at all with the new non-stop handling.


[up] More Construction and Better Dynamite

Now you can remove city roads and bridges, and more industries per town, as well as remove your statues and other objects.


[up] Mammoth Trains!

Have as many as 126 carriages on your trains.
Mammoth Trains - up to 126 carriages


[up] No more servicing

Or completely turn off servicing by setting "Vehicle Breakdowns" to none and changing the default service interval to some 50 years. Now no train will ever again try to find a depot, no problems with messed-up schedules and perpetually searching trains anymore. And now there's no need to include a real airport in a helicopter's schedule, because it doesn't have to be serviced anymore.


Please note that everything here is an actual screenshot, and can be achieved by using this patch. Except the highlighting circles, which I obviously added to an actual screenshot.

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