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Sending email to Josef

Because of the increasing amount of spam arriving at my inbox, I'm no longer publishing my email address without protection. Using grey listing, I can prevent automated bulk emailers from reaching me, yet allow real humans to send me email.

The way this works is that the first time you sent me an email, your mail server will be asked to wait a while, then resend the message. This works automatically, except for a few broken mail servers which will send you a bounce message instead. If you get a bounce message with the condition "Greylisting in effect", please wait an hour then resend your original message. This should reach me without further obstacles.

For the same reason, please don't publish my email address anywhere. Link to this page instead, and everyone will be happy. Your visitors will also have the benefit of always knowing my latest email address, if it ever changes.

Click here to open your email program and send me an email. Or use the following address: if the link doesn't work.

All comments and especially constructive criticism welcome.

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