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4.12 Custom in-game texts

TTDPatch adds several new messages that are displayed in the game, for example the bribe option. TTDPatch includes translations of these in all languages that TTD is available in. However, you may have used the TTD Translator described in the previous section, in which case your TTD is in a language that is not available with TTDPatch. As a result, the in-game texts will be in English (or whichever language your version of TTD was originally in), not your language.

It is now possible to translate these in-game texts to your own language by using the mkpttxt.exe program distributed with TTDPatch. Simply run this program once, and it will create a file called ttdpttxt.txt, which contains all in-game text strings.

To translate it, open it in a Windows editor like Notepad, or any other editor that is capable of using the ISO-8859-1 character set. Follow the instructions at the beginning of the file, and translate the entries. Then, simply run mkpttxt.exe again, and it will create the file ttdpttxt.dat, which will automatically be loaded by TTDPatch if it is present in the TTD directory.

If you would like to distribute your translations, please distribute the ttdpttxt.txt and not ttdpttxt.dat, because the latter uses an internal format of TTDPatch that may change from time to time. If the format changes, people who have the .txt file can simply run an updated version of mkpttxt.exe, which isn't possible with the .dat file.